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December 29, 2009


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I think your #6 trend is spot on - most companies run quickly from this type of comparison, but the companies that jump on this quickly and provide the real data will clearly have the upper hand.

Your article was well done! As Gordon Wade points out in the AdAge article, "Marketers, Unlock the Power of Data," analysis, ROI, data, and numbers are the future of B2B marketing. Thank you for such a content rich article.

HI Andrea

Many thanks for your comment. I will definitely

read the article.


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Great article and spot on.
Greetings from cold Vienna,

I would recommend this useful information to anyone because it is really very important to know everyone those want to accumulate an eye on the bazaar trends as that all is done.

Agree that social CRM is key and ive noticed that it has already begun with solutions like Marketo that links with SalesForce.com

The problem is now companies are more focused on measuring and capturing the data rather than actually running campaigns...

Segment based marketing is another spot on observation but the automation still requires a level of trust and time spent making sure it is correctly setup.

Optimising the buying cycle is important but are companies ready to pay the money required to do this yet?

Mass Adoption of social media has already started, but that doesn't mean it will continue. Companies will start half-hearted campaigns and cut them at the first sign its not delivering 150% they expect from any new medium...

There is still a massive amount of social media campaigns being run ineffectively but i'm again not sure if clients are fully willing to pay for the resources to do it right... yet...

Thanks for your comments David. Agree that many of these trends are just starting and that they are not at full run yet. I do see them as trends that will impact in some way at elast some thought cycles for B2B Marketers.

Thanks for the great comments.


um, just a thought ... if you want to make a point about the importance of social media, I don't think "jump the shark" is a term you want to employ

Hi Michael

Thanks for your comment. I did think about that. The intent of the comment was to stress the notion that social media went mainstream in 2009 and as a result we saw some of the more crazier and humorous aspects of social media in 2009.

Many people still question the value of social media and so I was trying to leverage a humorous aspect of that fact by calling back to "jump the shark" which is reference to the once famous Happy Days TV show episode that after which never really captured the initial sprit of the show as it went more mainstream from that point on. In many ways Social media has changed and has become mainstream. As such we see a lot of non value adding content mixed in with the value. Nothing different from any other form of media.

I did question the usage but went with it anyway, but it appears that my initial assumption was correct in that there may be the potential for some misunderstanding of the original intent especially in written form.

Good point and thanks for your comment.

Just to comment on your #7 post. I agree that segmenting your database and providing lead nurturing is not enough. To capitalize on opportunities created by "marketing 2.0" technologies, marketers must also focus on capturing the leads by creating relevant landing pages, lead scoring to signal sales when hot leads surface and using lead tracking engines. These components are important parts of inbound marketing. If not implemented, leads, and effort, could be wasted.

B2B Marketing really work very well on getting more growth. However I mainly take the use of Social Media Marketing. It helps to get more client and more customer to my website and business.

2010 has passed, and I must say, this forecast is so accurate. Social media and B2B marketing are leading the way towards the digital marketing era. In the years to come, I suppose digital marketing will be included in majority of the business processes in a global context.

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