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March 22, 2009


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Good analysis. I have only been to Phoenix once (I live in Santa Fe), but I think of Phoenix as a good place to stay away from: nothing there but heat. The "urban heart" idea provides no motivation to take another, closer look.

A born and raised phoenician, I think you're dead on with the Phoenix Rising idea. Showcase rising stars in many fields (arts, science, technology, media, crafts, education, etc) and build events and then conferences surrounding that. Turn Margaret T Hance park INTO the city center for outdoor activities and work out deals with the civic plaza to host events or discount to local event organizations. Make it easier for locals to use our space. Give breaks to the businesses and discounts to those with local ID's. Get active in local media and pull people downtown. Anyhow, that's my take.

Bravo! I like your ideas very much. As a single female, I very seriously considered buying a cool condo downtown, but then I thought...why? There is nothing going on. I didn't feel safe either. Your video proved that. Not a soul around.

I wish Phoenix would really study cities like Philly, San Diego, and Denver that have successfully created a "town" feeling, not just a place you drive to for a game and work. Perhaps by attracting larger companies with incentives to relocate to downtown, plus, since the housing crash, the Valley is affordable to buy in again. The grocery store downtown is key, and that is one of the main reasons I chose to relocate elsewhere in the city.

Again, great post!

Unfortunately one of your main supporting points - the video is wrong. Apparently you haven't been to Phoenix in quite sometime. The structure you are pointing to is gone, and a new development has been under construction for quite sometime. This new development will offer retail, office space, living space, entertainment etc. Makes me question the real purpose of your post.


The point of the video was to highlight the lack of community in downtown Phoenix which is still the problem. Until you have people walking and milling about after 8pm you will never have a true urban community. You are correct in that they have taken the structure down, but I was in downtown a few nights ago and its' still a ghost town after 8pm. If planning is done well it doesnt have to be like this. This is point of the post. Dont focus on a tag line or logo, but focus on defining a vision and then a plan. The tag line and logo can come later. There are interesting things happening like First Fridays. If incubated this can start something exciting. There is still hope.


Phoenix needs help and not from half hearted efforts like this. Check out my blog post from months ago

I've been here since January 1980. The city has changed alot but I still love where I live.

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