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December 23, 2008


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Totally agree with you about 2009 being the tipping point for virtual events.

In fact, I blogged about that here:


Thanks Dennis. We're having our first virtual event this year.


Ed, I found your blog from the DG Specialists LinkedIn Group. Good stuff!

You hit the nail on the head with these trends. Interestingly, #'s 1, 6, 8, and 9 are all within reach with an integrated sales & marketing system. While most marketing automation venfore (#5) do a good job with the marketing side of the equation, they haven't nailed the sales side of the equation (#'s 6 and 9). At Genius.com, we have solutions that include the best of the marketing systems and drive real-time behavioral data in a rich format directly to the sales people who need it. Check out our blog from earlier this year about the dollars lost from sales and marketing misalignment.


Watch for much more from us in 2009 as our solutions align nicely with the trends you've outlined here.

This is one of the smartest posts I've seen about 2009 predictions. You're right on with both the opportunities and challenges that will face marketers looking at the new landscape.

I've just followed you on Twitter and subscribed to your feed. I'm interested to start reading more of your thoughts.

Great post and very good thoughts on 2009. I would agree with your general theme on content, segmentation, nurturing, scoring, and social media being increasingly important. As the buyer becomes ever more educated, aware, and knowledgeable thanks to social media, the marketers that win are the marketers who can provide great content throughout the buying process, and nurture early interest until it becomes true buying interest. As you point out, this is a very different approach to marketing than the creative-oriented approach of yesterday.

Ed, great thoughts for all of us as we head into 2009. I'm 90% with you, only pausing on #3. My question is where do you see social media being effectively used in B2B marketing? I'm completely with you on blogs being a great 2-way communication device, and allowing for cross-posts etc. a great way to boost SEO results. Also, when done in an authentic way build great trust (see http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.04/wired40_ceo.html for a discussion of this.) And I agree that internal website conversations are a great way to attract and nurture customers (see http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.04/wired40_2way.html for examples.) But broad social media efforts in 2nd Life, MySpace, and others have been terrible failures when used for marketing. In fact, there has been a negative backlash from people feeling their 'personal' space has been invaded by marketers in these social media areas. So where are you seeing this trend take root and which social media tools outside of blogs do you see coming to bear.

Great ideas for 2009. The only I'd add it to get more from you web site. We see so many sites that drive traffic, but don't have a call to action. A few simple design changes can easily double the lead flow from a web site. And since these leads are free, there is a VERY high ROI.

Right on point - very well thought out.

Lot's of chatter pertaining to B2C, but good, smart 'reminders' and tips for the B2B set are hard to come by.


Me = Subscribing

The use of social media will become a more prevalent part of most B2B marketing strategies. It has to be.

Great post and very good thoughts on 2009.

Only 18% ? I can believe it. this means that a T.V campaign is not a worthy option.

I enjoyed reading your blog, is very interesting, thanks!

brands may need to engage hundreds of influencers at a time to have quantitative results that show the impact of their efforts.

I think B2B companies still struggle with adoption of marketing automation solutions, your point #5. I think we're seeing a trend where more and more companies are using lead nurturing; however, even that adoption is limited. Most lead nurturing techniques today are used for immediate, and personalized, follow up - that's it. Marketing automation vendors will have to focus on adoption plans moving forward.

Good point and thanks for your comment.

I think by adding seals to your website can help durastically!

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