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August 20, 2008


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The ebook looks great. Congrats. You should keep a running tally of the metrics and do another blog post in a month or two telling us where the downloads come from.

Good luck with it. David

Hi Ed,

Great concepts and I like the eBook approach for a topic such as security.

In my last role leading marketing for a supply chain software provider, my board member investors would have gone ballistic if we didn't include a sign-up utility for content, so I admire your willingness to attempt something different.

Great work and keep us posted on progress.

Bob Ferrari

I totally understand the desire to lock content behind registration, but I for thought leadership content, you definitely want it free.


HI Jon
Yes you’re absolutely correct and that is what we did. There is no registration required for the content.

However there was some debate to that as some more traditional views would have placed a registration wall in front of the content.


killer how-to on ebook distribution and promotion... love the fact that you cross-connected the youtube channel with the e-book.

Nice work

Thanks Sean for the point of view

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