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July 05, 2008


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This is a fantastic idea. The way we do PR is changing with the introduction of social media and web 2.0 tools. It's about having that right mixture - the company's understanding of their overall vision, goals, and direction and partnering with the strategic PR partner who can help you achieve success. I believe it starts with the company first understanding what it is you're trying to accomplish and what channels you need to leverage to get there. And, constantly reinventing... great blog. It's worth the wait.

Hi Ed,

This was a great post, and I found it very informative. In my last gig leading marketing for a supply chain software provider, I was also challenged with little budget to get the word out. We utilized some Web 2.0 tools including the use of multiple on-demand webcasts for customer education, as well leveraging influential bloggers. Now that I do my own blogging on an active basis, I have since discovered the power of influence this community has.

Bob Ferrari

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