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November 26, 2007


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Sounds like a good theme to start your blog with. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Excellent topical area for you to be writing on Ed. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Hi Ed,

It seems we only communicate through web 2.0 ;-)

At any rate, your topic is a good one and very timely as many marketing organizations are trying to make a science out of the demand generation process. Personally, I believe that adding new ways for customers and prospects to find, browse, learn and transact with you increases the relevance and provides a great context. The traditional direct marketing activities (even when well targeted) still have a lot of misses and waste... when we turn the "table" and let the users engage with us regardless where they come from (Google, Yahoo, MS etc., social networks or some other online means) we will increase the relevance and get much better conversions with very little waste.

This is an exciting topic and exciting times - good luck with your endeavor!


Thanks for all the comments guys

Welcome - good to see another SAP colleague joining the fun ;)

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