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February 24, 2008


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There is a final angle here – marketing is often the poor stepchild in most companies when it comes to attention from IT. Mashups allow marketers to take control of their application destiny – similar to when we took control of the Web site away from IT and started using simple tools to manage it.

What Do You mean By that rene ?


What I mean by that is that more often than not, the automation of marketing processes is last on the list of IT priorities. Let's take an example: press releases. You write one, you need to get the quote approved, get Legal to approve it, get it to the agency, get it to the Web guys, etc. etc. And that multiple times around... How do you keep track of all that other than in a spreadsheet and email? How can you know for sure that people signed off on it? And this is just one of many examples of a stand-alone "application." Imagine if you need to pull in data from CRM and ERP systems in let's say a proposal/RFP process? This is where Mashups come in - easy to use technology to build simple workflow-based applications that connect to multiple data and process sources. Have a look at serena.com/mashups to understand what they can do for you.

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